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Alcohol Review - Issue 44, January 14th 2022


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Alcohol Review
This week: Misinformation effect biggest in alcohol; A minimum alcohol price might reduce inequality South Africa; One small step for ketamine therapy. An alcohol break is a pure form of hedonism
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Misinformation effect biggest in alcohol
“The misinformation effects are greatest in relation to the links between alcohol and breast cancer, and between fossil fuels and climate change,” found a recent study of industry public relations.
In alcohol, as in other industries like fossil fuels and tobacco, industry-sponsored sources play down the harms done by their products and try to undermine arguments for regulation.
“The manufacturing of doubt and uncertainty needs to be taken as seriously as other forms of misinformation, such as that relating to vaccinations…., ” the group says in an associated film
Misinformation starts early. “There are considerable conflicts of interest in the delivery of alcohol education programmes funded by the alcohol industry and intermediary bodies,” another study found.
AR: One aspect of this which might easily be resolved for adults, at no cost, is for journalists and other public communicators to provide a short description of all their sources, including any significant reliance on industry funding. ■
Ketamine and therapy seemed to help some to overcome alcohol dependency, says a small study
Not drinking is pure hedonism
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Supported by: 🌊Sea Arch, alcohol-free spirit
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