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Get global alcohol news, investigations, analysis and discussion in an innovative, open, fact-checked format. For lively books, events and an app visit

Get global alcohol news, investigations, analysis and discussion in an innovative, open, fact-checked format. For lively books, events and an app visit

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Alcohol Review (basic) - Issue 61, May 13th

This week: Alcohol industry restores low-risk guidelines after nearly five years; Marketing controls “integral”, says WHO; Advertisers say alcohol ads reach 75% fewer children; Lifestyle: Embracing wu wei, or not pushing


Alcohol Review (basic) - Issue 60, May 7th

This week: Alcohol ads aplenty at World Cup 2018; Binging and drinking to cope jump in Ireland; Gene editing could reverse effects of teen bingeing; Pro-Ukrainian hackers target Russian alcohol distribution. And more.


Alcohol Review (basic) - Issue 59, April 29th

This week: An alcohol brand will reach millions through UK soaps; Spain makes water the default drink; Flight attendants' call for two-drink limit; Wider consultation before any pilots of alcohol at English football


Alcohol Review (basic) - Issue 58, April 22nd

This week: US alcohol death surge accelerated in 2021, says CDC; EU consults on tax rates; Alcohol Awareness Week UK moving to July; New South Wales will research link between alcohol and domestic violence


Alcohol Review (basic) - Issue 57, April 15th

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Alcohol Review (basic) - Issue 56, April 8th

This week: Kenya considers alcohol ad tax; UK electronic tag scheme extended; "Tax alcohol more", says Ghanaian distiller; Puzzlement over Uber's $1.1bn delivery venture; Prenatal alcohol alters brain structure, says study


Alcohol Review (basic) - Issue 55, April 1st

This week: Alcohol is no heart tonic, study confirms; Underage online ad impressions rare, say advertisers. The most effective ways to curb our alcohol consumption, as laid out by Professor Nicole Lee of Curtin University


Alcohol Review (basic) - Issue 54, March 25th

This week: UK MPs call for a new alcohol strategy after a decade of failure; US 26% alcohol death rise reported after three months; Swiss drinking polarised; LGBTQ+ people have difficulty getting services. And more


Alcohol Review - Issue 53, March 18th

This week: More controls needed to protect Australia's heavy drinkers; WHO seeks framework comment; NICE recommends alcohol-free pregnancy. Interview: Exploring Ireland's new mark of alcohol independence


Alcohol Review - Issue 52, March 12th

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Alcohol Review - Issue 51, March 4th

This week: Russian alcohol suspensions send a message; Alcohol a factor in lethal prostate cancer


Alcohol Review - Issue 50, February 25th 2022

This week: Parliamentary group influence worries touch alcohol harm; UK governments "particularly weak" on tackling alcohol harm; Tax could save European 130,000 lives; Danish Coop calls for ban under-18 alcohol ban


Alcohol Review - Issue 49, February 18th 2022

This week: EU parliament weakens cancer warning; Two glasses of wine could hit daily sugar guideline; Small part of US pandemic alcohol death surge reported. Fact-check: Is wine strength really unalterable?


Alcohol Review - Issue 48, February 11th 2022

This week: US Treasury backs mandatory labelling; Alcohol policy may slip down the agenda, experts warn; Alcohol found to cut booster antibodies. Important issues first raised 150 years ago are still not resolved


Alcohol Review - Issue 47, February 4th 2022

Next weekThe Politics of Alcohol, the influence of industry on public health, ACORN (UK, Ir), Feb 10thNetworking in Addiction Medicine at a Global Level: The General Assembly of Addiction Medicine Societies and Associations, ISAM, February 10th


Alcohol Review - Issue 46, January 28th 2022

This week: US pandemic alcohol problem surge confirmed; Australia fights UK tax reform; Nigeria implements sachet ban; Party-loving PM no big drinker; Move to make spiking illegal; WHO exec board adopts action plan


Alcohol Review - Issue 45, January 21st 2022

This week: Alcohol is not a heart medicine; 26% surge in US alcohol-deaths confirmed; Lockdown polarisation quantified; Dry Number 10 mooted; Alcohol harm MP moves to Labour; Solid public support for US cancer labels


Alcohol Review - Issue 44, January 14th 2022

This week: Misinformation effect biggest in alcohol; A minimum alcohol price might reduce inequality South Africa; One small step for ketamine therapy. An alcohol break is a pure form of hedonism


Alcohol Review - Issue 43, January 7th 2022

This week: Massive alcohol intervention multiplier found; "Dry January" brand tightens; An attempt to cash-in on minimum pricing; A potentially virulent alcohol-free Corona variant; Discussion: Inclusive work events


Alcohol Review - Issue 42, December 31st 2021

This week: Alcohol dependence a "personal choice" Indian tribunal rules; UK alcohol consumption may have risen in 2021; Hamster drinking thread goes big. And an alcohol review of the second pandemic year